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Replacing outdated software running under DOS by a software developed in labview Windows XP The old one and the new one Aperçu du câblage électrique de de la nouvelle baie

Integral renovation of a test bay

Area : Aeronautic

Renovation of an outdated system (electronics and computers)

autopilot actuator controlling

Calculation of jacks moving speeds from synchro-resolvers' measurments

Calculation of control boxes voltage <15 mV (resolution of 6.4μV)
Measurements of 6 synchro-resolvers at 26VRMS 400Hz, software implementation to control sensors phases

National Instruments’ data acquisition system X series

Selection, providing and assembly of electronic

Reporting and Interpretation of the old software in the new one developed under LabVIEW platform

Technical deployment and operator training at customer site

Supply of clear and detailed technical documentation

Reactive technical support